Saturday, December 12, 2009

Several cakes!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! We've been busy!! Here are some the cakes we've done recently!

I've made a couple of these recently. This is a red velvet cake. I made a few royal icing poinsettas to decorate it with.
"Over the Hill" cake. It was a white chocolate cake with a white chocolate truffle and strawberry filling. This seems to be a very popular flavor right now! The requested purple, blue, and black polka dots with a hill on the top for the cake for "over the hill."

This is another white chocolate cake. I also used a white chocolate buttercream for both of these cakes.

Another white chocolate cake! I was just the baker on this cake. Jennifer did this one for a little girls birthday. She carved the cake to shap it like a leaf. The lady bug is also cake. The leaf is covered in buttercream, while the lady bug is fondant.

This is another one where I baked and coverd the cake in buttercream (chocolate with chocolate buttercream) while Jenn worked on all the fondant accents. She made this for a fund raiser. I have to admit when she came to me with the idea I told her there was no way we had time--it was a last minute cake and I was busy trying to get ready for my first Pampered Chef party (that's right--I'm a consultant for The Pampered Chef now in case you need anything lol) But give that girl a ball of fondant and she'll pull it off!! She did great!!!
This one was a lot of fun to make! I did the baking again on this one and Jenn decorated. This was for a friend of Jenn's. She asked for a Strawberry Tiramisu. I admit I had never heard of strawberry tiramisu before but I researched it and altered my tiramisu cake recipe. It turned out really yummy!!

I think that covers what we've done lately! I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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