Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My birthday cake!!

Well, we're struggling with getting the settings on our camera right so I'm sorry these pictures aren't better. But, here's my birthday cake. I was actually baking a couple days before my birthday. I just felt like trying some new recipes! So I had finished baking, I had torted my cakes and filled them. It was all ready to be iced and decorated when my sister called. She asked me what kind of cake I wanted......uh oh! Well, how about a dark chocolate cake with alternanting layers of dark chocolate truffle and cheescake filling??? It's already made.....

Luckily my sister just laughed! She knows I love baking and figured it was a birthday gift to just be in the kitchen doing something I loved to do. She did come over and take over with the decorating though!!! She did a beautiful job too!!!

She came up with this design from some of my favorite Southern Living at HOME pieces--some of Gail Pittmans pottery. The cake was covered in dark chocolate buttercream. The flowers and leaves are fondant.

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Kody said...

Happy Birthday?? :)